On Her Terms: Growing a Business and a Family

This article originally appeared in Franchise Dictionary Magazine


Lyndsey Wolfsmith wanted more than an interesting work life; she wanted a life. She found both with Naturals2Go, which has enabled her to build her business while raising a growing family.


Naturals2Go is a business program offering healthy snacks, quick meals and drinks utilizing the latest technology in automated retail with services and support unmatched in the vending industry.


Wolfsmith had a lengthy career as a management consultant for large programs for an international corporation. She enjoyed the work but struggled to maintain a healthy work-life balance. So, she began searching for opportunities that would allow her to work on her own terms.


Her first foray into business ownership began as a franchise consultant, representing hundreds of brands, including Naturals2Go.


When she became pregnant with her oldest daughter, now 8, she decided to represent the Naturals2Go business opportunity full time as a member of the franchise development team.


“I really loved the brand because it filled a specific niche that a lot of other businesses could not,” she says.


A year later, Wolfsmith decided to invest and become an owner-operator. With six and a half years of ownership, she now owns 11 machines and is looking to grow. “I started with 10 machines, but we decided to expand our family and I had two more children who are now 3 and 4 years old. But I’m ready to start growing the business, and just recently hired someone part-time to help refill the machines.”


Wolfsmith loves the vending business because it fits well into her lifestyle. “It allows me to include my children. They like to accompany me to certain locations, which unexpectedly has created a stronger bond with those  locations. Clients get to know the whole family. It’s a good way to show kids how to be well organized and self-sufficient, and it gives them a way to be involved.”


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Help Others Conquer Their 2021 Health Goals Through Healthy Vending!

You probably know people who are making health-related resolutions as we enter into the New Year. Or, you might be making them yourself. As a vending owner and operator, you’re in a unique position. You can actually help others conquer their health goals through your work!


Give your customers what they want.

Healthy vending has been a successful business opportunity for years. In the last decade, healthy eating has been popularized by research, culture, and science. And good nutrition has entered the political sphere as well, with politicians, government bodies, and more localized institutions like schools focusing on health and wellness more than ever before.


To put it simply, your customers don’t want junk food when they visit the vending machine — they want a healthy snack. And you can provide that. Stock your machines with the healthy foods consumers are looking for, and you’re sure to see a positive impact on your business.

Placement is key.

It does no good to stock your machines with healthy choices if they’re not placed in locations that get you results. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more difficult than ever to make that happen. It’s important to consider where the foot traffic is, now that many fruitful locations aren’t nearly as busy thanks to shutdowns. Places like gas stations, office complexes, apartment buildings, supermarkets, and medical facilities are still proving to be effective locations for healthy vending machines.

It’s the perfect time.

What better time to help others with their healthy eating resolutions than the start of a new year? When people realize how easy it is to eat healthy snack foods, especially on-the-go when time is limited, they’re that much more likely to stick to their resolutions and keep eating healthy throughout the year. By providing that option through your business, you’re helping others achieve their goals.


What Are You Waiting For?

Are you ready to get started on your healthy vending journey? Contact Naturals2Go to find out how to launch your own vending business and start seeing results.

A Business Opportunity That Benefits The Entire Family

Owner-Operator Spotlight – Jonathan Beck Finds Quick ROI

This feature article originally appeared in Franchise Dictionary.


Vending Business ROI

Like many 40-somethings, Jonathan Beck found himself in a well-paid, upper-management position, but he was unsatisfied at work. He wasn’t attaining the goals he had set for himself, and he was out of alignment with his core values. Beck ended up back in the job market, where the search and interview process was uncomfortable at best. As luck would have it, he received a cold call from a franchise consultant who took the time to understand what he was missing in his life.

“I had never considered owning my own business, but I went through a mind shift, realizing that whatever I decided to do next needed to focus on security and peace of mind,” Beck said. When the consultant presented Naturals2Go, it felt like the perfect fit, he said.

Naturals2Go is a business program that offers healthy snacks and drinks, utilizes the latest technology in vending, and provides services and support that are unmatched in the industry. Beck was immediately attracted to the “set it and forget it” philosophy that vending presents.

“You don’t have to consistently go out and source new clients all the time,” Beck said. “I was looking for a quick return on investment and using that to be my main source of income. Once you get your machines placed, you’re immediately making money.” Beck started with 10 machines and is now looking to purchase 10 more.

“The Naturals2Go Machine Location Program is another great aspect of the business. If you’re not happy with how a machine is performing in a particular location, you just call them up and let them know. They work with you to look at the overall business strategically. If, together, you both agree this is not a good location, they are more than happy to work to find a new location to move it to.”

So what’s the downside? According to Beck, it’s that he didn’t know about Naturals2Go 20 years ago. “Being in business for myself has been so much better for me and my family. There’s no politics and no toxic environment to deal with – even during a pandemic!”

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– Nancy E. Williams

How to Start a Vending Machine Business: The Complete Guide

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business but you don’t have specific industry expertise or training, if you aren’t quite ready to give up your day job, or you’re looking for a home-based business, consider vending.


A vending machine business is a great way to enter into the world of the entrepreneur without quitting your job or emptying your life savings. It’s also a great way to get the whole family involved in a business because it’s easy to learn, great for teenagers and can be worked on at any time of the day or night.

Vending Fast Facts

You may be asking yourself, “why would I start a vending machine business?” The fact is, the industry is booming and constantly expanding:


      • There are nearly 5 million vending machines in the US.
      • Vending machines take in over $7 billion a year in sales.
      • The snack vending niche alone generates $64 million a year in profit.
      • It is a cash-based business (though now, credit cards and e-wallets can be used). There’s no waiting around to get paid.


Stop and think of all the places you’ve seen vending machines. As technology advances, companies are finding new ways to deliver products people want in one of the fastest and most convenient ways possible. Vending is a booming business and the opportunities for entrepreneurs are practically endless.

Benefits of Vending Machine Businesses

There are many benefits to starting a vending machine business and it’s easy to start seeing those benefits relatively quickly. Unlike brick-and-mortar businesses, overhead is much lower, so it typically does not take nearly as long to break even and start turning a profit. And with new technology that allows customers to pay for vending machine items with credit cards, debit cards and electronic wallets, the vending business shows no signs of slowing down.


Some of the many benefits of a vending machine business include:


      • Cash Flow:
        There’s no credit or customer invoicing involved in vending machines. Customers put money in the machine or swipe their card, and you instantly collect your fees. There are no bad checks to worry about, no late payments and vending machines in the right locations can collect money 24/7.
      • Low Overhead Costs:
        The barrier to entry into the vending machine business is relatively low and there are few overhead costs. When you’re starting out, you can manage your route yourself which means no payroll, benefits or call-offs. Basing the business out of your home to start also eliminates the cost of renting an office space.
      • Flexibility:
        If you’re not sure about diving into vending full-time, you can keep your current job and work your vending route on the side until you’re earning enough to flip to full time. However, if you do want to dive right in, that is also an option. Your vending business is what you make of it. It can be a nine-to-five business, an evening and weekend business, a retirement business, a business for stay-at-home-parents – the only limitations are those you set for yourself.
      • Easy to Scale:
        Once you start earning a smooth, steady and predictable income (and profit) from your initial machines, it’s easy to scale up. With a proven track record, it’s easier to convince new customers to take you on, adding new machines isn’t that expensive and you can grow as slowly or as quickly as you can handle.


Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or you are taking your first foray into entrepreneurship, vending is an exciting opportunity to explore.

Knowing Your Vending Machine Business Options

Today, you can sell nearly anything out of a vending machine – including cars. Here are some of the common options for vending:

Bulk Vending 

Think the sticker and gumball machines you used to love as a kid. These machines usually dispense an item for a quarter – which won’t get you rich overnight. However, bulk machines are very low-maintenance and typically don’t require electricity, the products inside the machines are inexpensive to purchase, and in the right market bulk vending machines can be a decent source of passive income.


Custom Vending (Non-Food)

Vending machines have come a long way from the gumball and soda machines of the past. In addition to food, you can also purchase specialty, non-food items in vending machines. For example:


      • Laundry products in laundromats and shared laundry rooms
      • Apple vending machines that sell iPhones and accessories
      • Sephora vending machines that sell beauty products
      • Best Buy vending machines in airports that sell Beats headphones and other electronics
      • Uniqlo vends down jackets out of machines in airports around the world
      • Vending machines that sell sunglasses and hats at amusement parks and outdoor events
      • Guitar strings (Spotted in Portland, Oregon)
      • Bicycle parts in large cities
      • Legos
      • Socks (popular in bowling alleys and hotels)
      • Books
      • And literally hundreds of other items


Specialty Vending (Food and Bev)

And of course, traditional food and beverage vending is always an option, though choices are nearly limitless.


      • Cold beverages: Water, juice, soda, etc.
      • Hot beverages: Coffee, tea, hot water, etc.
      • Traditional snacks: Chips, pretzels, candy bars, etc.
      • Healthy snacks: Trade in your chips and candy for trail mix, granola, dried fruit, etc.
      • Full meals: Vending machines now offer full meal options, including healthy meals.
      • Ice cream: Self-serve yourself some soft serve at amusement parks, outdoor events, etc.
      • And more – you can buy nearly any kind of food – including live crabs in Singapore – from a vending machine.


When you’re just starting out in the vending machine business, you can’t go wrong with food and beverages. According to Vending Market Watch’s 2019 annual report, food and beverage vending make up the majority of vending market share in the US.


Because there are so many options for food and beverage vending, it’s often wise to start out with a single specialty and learn as much as you can about the business that way. Focusing on a single niche like healthy snacks ensures you are targeting your efforts and not taking on too much, too quickly.


Stocking Your Vending Machine Products

Choosing the right products for your vending machine business is crucial for your success. But with so many options, how do you select the products that will be the most successful? There are several factors to consider:


      • Affordability:
        Products that are too expensive simply will not sell. You need to choose products that you can purchase at a good rate and resell for a profit without gouging your customers. You can save money and increase your margins by buying directly from the manufacturer.
      • Product recognition:
        Vending machines aren’t the best places to try out items no one has ever heard of before. You want to choose a product line that is recognizable to people and offers products customers will feel comfortable purchasing.
      • Nutritional Value:
        American consumers are much more cognizant of the nutritional value of their food than ever before. They don’t want a lot of high-fat, high-calorie, sugar-packed and overly processed foods. Healthy alternatives to chips and candy are a great choice for modern vending businesses.
      • Taste:
        If a customer doesn’t like the way a product tastes, they won’t be back for more. If your vending machines are in office complexes, residential complexes, or locations where the same people pass by every day, you want them to make repeat purchases. Try to sample products before you decide what to sell.  At the end of the day, you have to be comfortable with the products you are selling. Choose the vending options that make the most sense for your budget and that you can feel proud of.


Acquiring a Vending Machine License

Vending machines are typically required to have a license to operate in their state and/or municipality. When planning on starting a vending machine business, it is important to read and understand those requirements.


You’ll typically need to visit your municipality to secure an operator’s license. If you are required to collect and pay sales tax, you may also need a seller’s permit. Perishable items may also be subject to health and food permits, as well. The cost of a business license and other permits varies according to your location and can range from as low as ten dollars and as high as several hundred dollars. Some states require that food vendors take and pass a food preparation and handling course before being granted a license.


Navigating the ins and outs of business licenses can be a challenge. It helps to work with an expert vending company that can help you understand the rules, regulations and restrictions and will help you ensure compliance.


Other Legal Requirements for Vending Machine Businesses

As with any business, vending machine operators are subject to federal, state and local laws. There are specific regulations regarding food. The FDA has published detailed information on starting a food business that is an excellent starting point for entrepreneurs.


Most businesses are required to collect sales tax on the goods or services they provide, as well. Noncompliance can lead to significant fines. Make sure to research sales tax requirements in your state so you can properly price your items to cover taxes, report sales tax appropriately and pay sales tax on time.


Finding the Right Vending Machine Location

Location, location, location. That’s the mantra of any new business and it holds true for a vending machine business, as well. The locations you choose for your machines can make or break your profit margins. There are never any guarantees, but strategic choices will stack the deck in your favor.


      • Look for areas with high foot traffic like malls, entertainment complexes, residential complexes, – anywhere large numbers of people gather or pass by on a regular basis.
      • Office complexes or office parks, large manufacturing plants, schools and colleges.
      • Locations with few or no food options like parks, jails, hotels/motels, gas stations without attached convenience stores, roadside rest stops and service businesses.
      • Places that require a significant wait time for customers like repair shops, hospitals, medical centers, salons, bus and train stations, airports, etc.


When evaluating potential locations, always consider the target customer in addition to the location. Different products work well in different environments.


Don’t get discouraged if you find places that already have vending machines installed. Competition can be great – especially if you’re filling a niche that is not covered by the current vending selection. By placing an attractive, well-stocked vending machine next to an older, outdated machine or a machine with a completely different product line, you can stand out and attract business.


Here are some signs that you could beat your existing competitors on location:


      • Poorly maintained machines
      • Old or unattractive machines
      • Machines with a poor selection
      • Machines with a very different selection from yours
      • Machines that only accept cash


When it comes to vending machine businesses, the sky is the limit. There are opportunities everywhere to either break into new locations or to compete at existing locations. Don’t limit yourself and be open to trying out new things and making new connections. You never know when you’ll find a profitable location. Here is a great article that walks more in-depth about the best vending machine locations.

Where to Buy Your Vending Machine

Aside from product location and selection, the actual machines are the most important part of starting a vending machine business. A simple Google search will generate an overwhelming number of options for vending machines, all at different price points, different purchase and finance options, different sized suppliers, etc.


To avoid overwhelm, you’ll want to start your search strategically:


      • Companies that offer cutting-edge machines:
        Outdated vending machines will not be successful. You want to choose a company that has a wide selection of machines, makes use of the most advanced vending technology and offers support for service and repairs.
      • Companies with products people want:
        Remember, American attitudes are shifting. Parents aren’t as quick to snag a candy bar for their kids at the mall as they were a few years ago. People of all ages want healthier options, so choose a company that understands the shifting tides of consumer tastes.
      • Companies that offer online management systems:
        If you’re trying to cover inventory, cash flow and other critical issues using old-fashioned methods, you’ll be doing yourself and your business a disservice. Choose a company that offers cloud-based software that helps you manage your business at-a-glance via desktop and mobile applications.
      • Companies that offer location assistance:
        Scouting and landing locations is the most difficult part of starting a vending machine business. It pays to work with a company that can provide you with leads, appointment-setting support and other location services to get your business off the ground.
      • Companies that offer training:
        Some companies will sell you a machine, give you a number to call for product orders and send you on your way. If you’re new to the business, you need every advantage available to you to start your business off on the right foot. Look for companies that offer extensive training on the machines, products, the vending business and more.
      • Machines that can be customized:
        Over time you’ll be changing your product selection. Not all drink containers or food containers are sized/shaped the same. If you can’t adjust your shelving in a machine, you won’t have the flexibility to add in new products.


Do your research and choose the right machine. Here are more details about the industry-leading vending machines from Naturals2go.


Stocking Your Vending Machine

Once you’ve chosen a company to work with, you will need to think about inventory. We’ve talked about the importance of appealing to broad, national consumer tastes. However, that’s just the beginning. You can maximize sales by thinking about the types of products that would do well at specific sites.


In the early days, try not to overstock items. It will take you a little while to get a feel for top sellers and understand what works and what doesn’t at specific locations. If you chose a vending company that offers extensive support services, they can typically provide you with some initial data to start out with so that you’re making smart choices.


Financing Options for Vending Machines

The startup capital required for a vending machine business is relatively low compared to other entrepreneurial ventures, but it still requires capital. The total costs will depend on the type of vending business you wish to start, the company you choose to work with, the types of machines you want to use and other factors.


There are several financing options for starting your vending machine business that include:


      • An unsecured loan:
        This is a relatively simple process. Apply, receive funds, invest in your business.
      • Short-term business loan:
        If you are already a business owner with good credit, a short-term loan can be a great way to access capital.
      • SBA loan:
        If you’re a new business owner, the Small Business Administration offers special financing options.
      • Secured loan:
        This is where you offer the lending institution some guarantee in the form of collateral to secure funding.
      • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC):
        You can leverage the equity on your home and take out a home equity line of credit. You only pay interest on the amount you end up using.
      • 401(k) Rollover:
        Some vending companies offer special IRS-approved programs where you can access funds in your 401(k) without early withdrawal penalties or income taxes.


The financing option you choose will depend on your unique circumstances. Whenever possible, work with a financing expert to help you make the best decisions for yourself, your family and your future business. If you’re looking for more information about financing options for a vending business we would be happy to help.


Vending Machine Franchise Opportunities


You could try to start a vending business from scratch or purchase an existing route, but those are often uphill battles. Starting out with no connections can be difficult and you never know how well an existing route has been serviced over the years.


With these options, you’d be responsible for your own training and education, scouting locations, generating your own leads, developing your own sales process and more. Without experience in the vending machine industry, it could take you years to gain a foothold.


A franchise opportunity or vending business opportunity can be a great way to give yourself an edge in your new venture. In these situations, you partner with an established company with a proven process, brand and business model and a dedicated sales and support team to help you launch and grow your business.


In most cases, equipment, training and support are also provided for you throughout the startup phase of your business and in the case of a franchise model, support will be provided throughout the life of your vending business.


A franchise also brings with it a community of fellow operators. You’ll have access to training, conferences and meetups, online communities and more where you can gather with other business owners across the country to share tips, advice, insights and best practices.


In exchange, you do have to pay a significant buy-in and ongoing fees to the franchise.


The final option is a business opportunity. It provides all of the benefits of a franchise, without the heavy fee structure. Buy-in is typically more than what you’d pay to start your own business from scratch, but you receive the same high-level assistance and support of the franchise without back-end fees that eat into your profits. (Learn more about the Naturals2go Vending Machine Business Opportunity)


Ready to Start Your Own Vending Machine Business?

Now that you know the ins and outs of starting your own vending machine business, are you ready to take the leap? Then partner with Naturals2Go, one of the top healthy vending machine companies in the nation.


Voted a Best Business Opportunity of the Year for the last eight years, Naturals2Go provides real business opportunities without franchise restrictions or fees. Our system will help you get up and running with equipment, machines, qualified leads and appointments, training, support and more. Our system has helped thousands of independent operators create thriving vending businesses at their own pace.


With Naturals2Go, you set your own goals and then decide how you will achieve them. You can work full-time, part-time, where you want and how you want. We are here to train you and provide ongoing support as you grow your business.


Our team acts as mentors, not high-pressure franchise administrator who set impossible goals and make impossible demands of your time and money. Naturals2Go:


      • Teaches you how to be successful
      • Helps you secure financing if you need it
      • Doesn’t require a specific business model or control practices
      • Has no restrictions on location or area
      • Doesn’t require any employees and has low overhead
      • Allows for semi-passive income
      • Doesn’t require royalties or fees for your business
      • Provides you with autonomous options for your business
      • Allows the operator total independent practices for their company


If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to talk to you. Contact Naturals2Go today to see how you could benefit from starting your own vending machine business.


Healthy Eating Series: What Does It Really Mean to Eat “Gluten-Free?”

The gluten-free diet has become more and more popular in recent years. We’re betting you’ve heard of the term. But what exactly does it meant to eat gluten-free, and what are the benefits of this style of diet?


What does it mean to eat gluten-free?

As the name suggests, a gluten-free diet is one without gluten. Gluten is a protein found in most grains (wheat, barley, rye, and triticale, which is a sort of a cross between wheat and rye). For some people, gluten can trigger serious health problems, especially those with Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder. Others have an insensitivity to gluten, so they feel better if they don’t consume it. But even those with no diagnosed aversion to gluten can eat gluten-free if they choose to.

What are the benefits of a gluten-free diet?

A gluten-free diet is essential for someone with Celiac disease because gluten will trigger immune system activity that damages the lining of the small intestine in these individuals. But even for those without this autoimmune disorder, avoiding gluten can have its benefits. Advocates of the diet list weight loss improved gastrointestinal health, and increased athletic performance as some of the upsides. More research is needed in this area to prove these claims, though.

What foods are gluten-free?  

Plenty of healthy foods are naturally gluten-free, including fruits and vegetables; low-fat dairy products; beans, seeds, legumes, and nuts; eggs; and non-processed meat, poultry, and fish. And various grains besides wheat, barley, rye, and triticale are gluten-free, too: corn, flax, quinoa, rice, soy, and buckwheat, just to name a few.

What foods aren’t gluten-free?

Unless they’re specifically labeled as gluten-free, a wide variety of foods like pasta, breads, cakes and pies, cookies, French fries, processed meat, soups, gravies and sauces, and much more will need to be avoided. Individuals on a gluten-free diet will need to be vigilant about what they consume in order to avoid consuming gluten by accident.


Try Going Gluten-Free Today

Is gluten-free right for you? Be sure to discuss the pros and cons with your healthcare professional. If you get the all-clear, try some gluten-free foods and see what you think.

Naturals2Go Healthy Living Blog

Closing Out 2020: Lessons Learned by Entrepreneurs

2020 has been a year unlike any other. And there are plenty of lessons to be gleaned from it. Entrepreneurs, including those in the healthy vending industry, can learn a lot by reflecting on 2020 and the way certain businesses weathered the storm or got swept away by it.


Let’s take a closer look at just five of the big lessons we’ve gained during an unprecedented fiscal year:


There’s no time like the present.

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s that there’s no use waiting around for things to happen. You just never know what might come along and sideline your plans. And conversely, you never know what kind of events might happen that give your business an unexpected boost — there are plenty of companies and industries that saw remarkable growth because of the pandemic.

Maintaining supply chains is key.

We all remember how hospitals and healthcare facilities were in dire need of personal protective equipment and other essential gear early on in the pandemic, and even now in many cases. The lesson is that maintaining your supply chains and inventory isn’t just a good business practice — it’s absolutely essential. You’ll always want to have those lifelines in good shape for whatever might come over the horizon.

Flexible and innovative businesses succeed.

The businesses that weathered the storm of 2020 tended to be flexible and innovative. So many things changed about daily life, and businesses and entrepreneurs needed to change with them. When change comes, adapting your offerings and remaining flexible is key to staying afloat.

It’s important to think about the “what-ifs.”

While no one was prepared for the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic, those in the know were well aware that something of this magnitude could happen. So, it’s always a good idea to think about the “what-ifs” in terms of your business. And those “what-ifs” don’t have to be on a global scale. Just take some time to think about what happens if two of your machines break at the same time, or a supplier falls short one week. It’s always a good idea to be prepared!

We can learn from the past.

When it comes to COVID-19, we could look back to the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918 or the first SARS outbreak in the early 2000s to use as predictive models. And that same logic applies in business — we can look at history to model what could happen in our present, or the future. That allows entrepreneurs to see what worked in the past, and what didn’t, and how those lessons can be used now.


Forge Ahead In 2021

The great thing about the healthy vending business is that it’s largely recession-proof. Healthy eating habits actually improve during tough economic times! If you’re interested in launching your career in the healthy vending industry, contact Naturals2Go to learn more.

Learn More About a Naturals2Go Business

Self-Care: Make It a Priority!

It’s not always easy to practice good self-care. We’re busy with work, family life, and a dozen other obligations every day. But it’s so important that you take steps to care for yourself, and that you make those steps habitual. That’s how you stay happy and healthy in the long-term.


Let’s take a look at five key tips for ramping up your self-care routine:


Get enough sleep.

Sleep has a huge effect on your physical and mental health. If you don’t get enough of it, you will suffer sooner or later. Do your best to get a full eight hours of sleep a night and try to stick to a routine with bedtime and waking time. Put away the screens at least an hour before bed, and don’t consume caffeine or sugar in the evening. Prioritizing sleep is a simple and effective way to feel better every day!

Maintain a good work/life balance.

Work-related stress is extremely common and can wreak havoc on your mental well-being in no time at all. That’s why maintaining the proper work/life balance is so essential. That means not devoting every waking second to your work and being able to step away frequently. It’s also about enjoying what you do outside of work, including spending time with loved ones and indulging in your own interests and hobbies.


It’s hard to overstate how good physical activity is for you. It’s beneficial physically and mentally, and it can help lower stress and anxiety and boost your mood. Try to incorporate regular exercise into your routine — even if you don’t hit the gym, take a walk on your lunch break or play a game of tennis with friends on the weekend. Every little bit helps!

Eat right.

Cook at home often. Try to make balanced, nutritious meals that serve your body, rather than work against it. Keep the processed foods and fast food to a minimum and avoid sugary drinks and excessive alcohol. Eating right is so important!

Make time for what you enjoy.

Doing something you enjoy on a regular basis is very good for you, as simple as it sounds. Whether it’s spending time with friends, playing an instrument, exploring a new hobby, traveling, reading or writing, or shopping, carving out time for your own enjoyment is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


Don’t Let Self-Care Slip Away

It’s not always easy to prioritize our own self-care. But it’s key for living a good life and bettering the lives of those around you. Remember: you can’t give what you don’t have!

Take Your Passion for Healthy Living to the Next Level

Why You Should Connect With Your Personal Success Coach

One of the great things about starting your entrepreneurial journey with Naturals2Go is that you’re not in it alone. You’ll run and operate your own business, but that doesn’t mean you have no support system. In fact, our personal success coaches are there for just that reason — to support you in every stage of your journey in healthy vending. Read on to find out more about the great benefits of connecting with your personal success coach.


They’re with you every step of the way.

Personal Lifetime Coaching is a key to the success of Naturals2Go and our vending operators. Some of the most successful operators we’ve ever produced never had any prior business experience and never worked on a vending route — that success can be attributed in large part to the business savvy of our personal success coaches. They’re there to help at every stage, from launching your business and placing your machines to restocking your inventory and scouting additional location spots.

You can ask all the questions you want.

It goes without saying that you’ll have a few questions as you start up your vending business and as you go through your journey in the profession. And your personal success coach will be there to answer them. Want to know more about which locations are best? How to increase sales? What to keep track of for tax purposes? How to work with remote software? How to track inventory? All of these answers and more are only a phone call or a click away.

It’s completely free.

There is never any charge for seeking help from your personal success coach. It’s completely free. You always have a direct line to your coach via phone, or you can send them a direct message with our private online resource center, VENDPRO. And of course, it wouldn’t be called personal lifetime coaching if it didn’t last for as long as you run your vending business. You’ll always have access, no matter what.


Get Started on Your Journey

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Healthy Eating Series: What Does it Really Mean to Eat “Vegan?”

You’ve probably heard of the vegan diet. It’s quite popular, especially as vegetarianism and other healthy eating habits become more and more common over time. But it can get a little confusing — what exactly do vegans eat, anyway? Read on to find out more about veganism and what kind of benefits it can offer.

What is veganism?

Veganism means that you don’t consume any meat, eggs, dairy, or animal-derived ingredients of any kind. This may include foods that are processed using animal products, like refined sugar or honey, although some vegans extend the diet to include these kinds of products and some do not.

Note that veganism often extends beyond food. A strict vegan will also avoid the use of all personal and household products that are tested on animals, and avoid animal-derived non-food products like fur and leather. It’s all about living a cruelty-free lifestyle.

What do vegans eat?

When following the vegan diet, one can eat fruits and vegetables; grains like pasta, rice, and bread; nuts and seeds; legumes like beans and peas; and dairy alternatives like soy milk or almond milk. There are also a variety of meat or dairy substitutes, made from products like soy, that are perfectly acceptable within the vegan diet.

What don’t vegans eat?

A vegan will avoid all food made from animals or animal products. That includes beef and other red meat, chicken, duck, and poultry, fish and shellfish, eggs, cheese, butter, milk and other dairy products, and mayonnaise, among other foods.

What are the benefits of the vegan diet?

Overall, a vegan diet is a very healthy choice. Studies have shown that veganism may help its adherents have better heart health and a lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Vegans are also less likely to get diabetes and certain cancers, including breast and gastrointestinal cancer. And the vegan diet is one that provides good nutrition — eating foods like vegetables, whole grains, and nuts is good for many body systems. As long as a vegan makes sure to get enough protein, calcium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids (nutrients that are easily derived from animal sources) by taking supplements or substituting other foods rich in these nutrients, it’s a healthy diet.


Give Vegan Foods a Try

You don’t have to jump into veganism all at once. Try a few vegan meals here and there — you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to cut out all animal and animal-byproduct foods. Then, you can incorporate vegan eating into your diet as much or as little as you’d like!

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