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Best Locations to Place Your Vending Machines

Posted by Al Goldsmith - April 25, 2014

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See our updated post regarding identifying great locations for vending machines.
Vending businesses can be highly effective, but it is essential to place the machines in the right areas. It can sometimes be the most unexpected places that bring in the most business for these machines, but it’s still important to assess the market.
Here are a few things that machine business owners can look at when choosing the proper places for their machines:


Does a steady stream of people walk past the area? If so, do you know an estimate number? What about peak and non-peak periods? Choosing the right places where there are plenty of people will determine your success. Furthermore, you want to ensure that these machines get stock up at the right times so you can keep business flowing.


The level of competition can be pretty important. If there are already similar machines in the area that sell the exact same products, it might be best to look for another placement option. It’s certainly acceptable to place machines near other machines, but the machines should have different products or something different to offer in order to be successful.

Possibility of Placement

Those who are interested in placing vending machines outside of a business or elsewhere on someone else’s property will need to get permission first. Some business owners are more than happy to allow people to place these machines on their properties, but many will want a percentage of the profits. Some business owners might choose not to have these machines on their property at all. Before planning to place a machine somewhere, it’s a good idea for interested machine business owners to meet up with the owner of the business to talk about these details.
Many people find that these types of locations work well for many of these machines, but those who have other ideas should certainly consider checking them out.

  • Restaurants
  • Boys and Girls clubs
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels and motels
  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Supermarkets
  • Laundromats
  • Schools, community colleges and universities
  • Shopping centers and malls

There are also services out there that help business owners choose the right spots for their machines, but these services can be costly. Those who want a bit of extra help can try these agencies out, but many find that doing their own research and moving their machines around as necessary help them make a nice profit without having to hire an outside person to help.

Looking for a Vending Machine Provider with a Healthy Objective?

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