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Are You a Victim of Burnout Culture?

Posted by VendTech Media - March 7, 2022
Are You a Victim of Burnout Culture?

In the early days of the pandemic, burnout affected about 45% of the American workforce. By the summer of 2020, that number was up to 58%. And with the pandemic still affecting things, piled on top of factors like politics, family stress, and childcare issues, burnout is still at an all-time high. The question is, has burnout affected you? 


Here’s how to tell if you’re feeling burnout: 

You’re exhausted.

Everyone gets a little tired sometimes (especially on Mondays). But when you’re experiencing burnout, it’s more than needing an extra cup of coffee. If you’re truly exhausted most days and feel like you can’t take another step, you might be experiencing burnout. Work-related stress can make it feel impossible to move an inch, both physically and emotionally. 

You’re cynical.

Expecting that task to go poorly? Ready to rip apart that meeting after it wraps? Lost all interest in work that you used to engage with? This kind of cynicism is another telltale sign of burnout. If you’re feeling negative about your work in this way, it might be time to make a big change.  

You’re relying on substances.

The misuse or overindulgence in substances, including alcohol, drugs, or even food, can be a symptom of job burnout. It’s a way of coping with the stress you feel every day at your job. Obviously, this is a serious issue—you’ll want to make a change as soon as possible in order to curb this behavior.  

You’re extra irritable.

When you’re constantly stressed at work, every little thing starts to get under your skin. If you’re finding yourself extra irritable with coworkers or even family members when you’re off work, burnout could have already taken hold. Irritability and anger is a classic sign of work-related burnout. 

You feel useless at work.

Do you feel like your work doesn’t make a difference in the bigger picture, that your contributions are meaningless, that no one would notice if you didn’t do your job anymore? If you’re feeling useless and misunderstood at your job, you could be a victim of burnout culture. You want to do work that feels meaningful and rewarding to you, so it’s time to consider making a change in your life.  

It’s Time To Make a Change

Are you worried that you’re a victim of burnout culture? Make a change for the better with Naturals2Go. Contact us today to learn more about the healthy vending industry and get started on your new journey. 

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