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5 Ways Healthy Vending Can Make a Difference in Your Community

Posted by VendTech Media - July 31, 2018

The healthy vending machine industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in food and service. It’s a lucrative business opportunity for many entrepreneurs and it’s also a venture that can give back to your community.

5 Ways Healthy Vending Machines Give Back to the Community

It’s not often that owning your own business can directly impact your community in a positive way. Luckily, that is just the case with owning your own healthy vending machine. Here are just a few examples of how they can make a difference in your community.

Healthy snacks are more accessible for everyone.

Vending machines are the picture of convenient snacking. When conventional vending machines filled with chocolate candies, salty snacks, and sugar-filled drinks are replaced with nutrient-dense snacks, fresh produce, and vitamin-packed drinks, it means more people can choose healthy snacks at that same level of convenience. When people are trying to make healthier choices, a barrier to their success is what food is readily available to them while on-the-go. Healthy vending machines can eliminate this issue, helping people reach their goals of living a healthier lifestyle.

Impact healthy choices in efforts to shift snacking norms.

As people see more healthy vending machines in their community, the entire concept of vending machines can shift. This means that over time and frequency, people will actually associate healthy snacks with vending machines instead of candy packs or chips. This shift will help people make healthy choices on a regular basis, instead of only once in a while.

Allows off-shift workers or consumers to have healthy options regardless of time of day.

Healthy restaurants or cafes aren’t open 24/7. Many off-shift workers or commuters who travel around peak times are limited in the quality of their snacks. Vending machines are a crucial pit stop for these people to maintain or boost their energy. If conventional vending machines are replaced with healthy vending options, it allows these very important people in the community to get wholesome and healthy fuel for their days.

Creates the opportunity for healthier lifestyles for everyone.

When people aim to make healthier choices, the more options they have to fit something healthy into their day, the more successful they will become. Having access to a healthy snack instead of a candy bar, may also inspire that person to take a walk during lunch or to substitute their afternoon soda with a fruit smoothie or flavored water. These simple swaps can be a ripple effect, helping people make healthier choices throughout many areas of their life.

Over time, may decrease health care costs.

While this benefit is not immediate, it is significant. Over time, as people make healthier choices, including healthy snacking habits, their overall health will improve which will decrease their healthcare costs. This is not only fantastic for each person living a healthier life, but their money saved on healthcare will go to other areas of the economy, ultimately more beneficial for the entire community.

Get Involved and Be Healthy Change for Your Community

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