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5 Locations You May Not Have Thought of For Healthy Vending Machine Placement

Posted by VendTech Media - August 7, 2018


The success of your healthy vending machine business is partially determined by how good your locations are. Healthy vending is a growing business and an attractive entry point for small business owners and choosing the right location is key for a sustainable business..

How to Choose the Right Location

Here are a few quick points to consider when choosing the locations for your healthy vending machine.

  • What type of foot traffic will it get? Are there peak times, or a constant flow of people?
  • What types of people are walking by your machine? Are these people the type who would want to eat a healthy snack?
  • Are the people passing your machine in a rush? Are they coming from, or going to, a certain activity that fits within your healthy business idea?

Once you consider these questions, which are just a handful of many, to determine your healthy vending machine locations, it’s time to start brainstorming where to place your machines.

5 Unique Locations for Successful Healthy Vending Machines

When you consider some of the points from the brainstorm above, you may find that a few of these location ideas will be a great match for your business.

School Campuses

One of the most successful locations, yet often overlooked by new business owners, is a school campus. Any school, from elementary to college, can benefit from a healthy vending machine. Public school systems (K-12) may also receive some government benefits for having healthy snacking options for their students, so this could be a huge selling point. And college campuses have a high volume of foot traffic and hungry people. While more digging would be required for these locations, any healthy vending business owner should consider academic options in their business plans.

Community Centers

Similar to the idea of school campuses, community centers serve a great population for healthy snacking. From sporting events and tournaments to after-school programs, they have a great variety of people who would enjoy a healthy treat. They also may be able to qualify for some government assistance for the machine which can help you make a sale.

Commercial Fitness Centers

Fitness centers and sporting facilities with high memberships are a sure fit for a healthy vending machine. With hundreds of people trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s a sure fit to also choose a healthy snack before or after their workout. It’s also a marketing or selling point for the gym owners, so they might be very eager to get your machine up and running.

Professional Offices

Professional office buildings are another smart fit for a healthy vending machine location. Lots of workers have an urge to snack, and with more and more people trying to switch to make healthier habits, your machines could not only keep working professionals happy, but also healthier. Plus, healthier workers have greater productivity! It’s a great relationship that make an office location a huge success for your business.

Family Entertainment Attractions

Family attractions like museums, zoos, aquariums, or theaters are another group to research for your business. Parents are always trying to make better choices for their kids and nothing kills this progress like going to the science center, only to give your kids fried foods. Having healthy vending machine snacks like kids protein bars or bottled smoothies helps both parents and kids stay on track with their nutrition.

Get Your Healthy Business Started Today

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